Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Everything about today feels wonderful. It was one of those days that as soon as I opened my eyes I just felt happy, so I wanted to share with you 5 things that are making my Wednesday so Wonderful.

1. Delicious Food
I am sure you all already know, I love food, and at the moment, all I want is the sweet stuff! (Very unusual for me.) Last night, the BF and I sat up in bed together and ate vanilla ice cream straight from the tub. It felt so decadent, I loved it.

2. Autumn is Around the Corner
As much as I love summer and all the fantastic things summer brings with it, this year I am so very excited about Autumn, and this morning I felt like it was just around the corner. Stepping out of the house, the air was crisp and fresh and my cheeks turned a pretty pink colour. I can't wait until it is cold enough for my big wooly coat to come out of the closet.

3. Road-tripping
 Because the BF and I are madly saving at the moment, we haven't planned a summer getaway this year which makes my heart ache a little (I LOVE to travel...), and as a treat we have decided to extend our already long weekend (August Bank Holiday) and road trip down South to Bournemouth and Plymouth. We will be staying with extended family (yippee!) but plan on having lots of time to ourselves. I love our road trips, we do a lot of mad singing and seat dancing together.

4. Home-made Beauty Treats
This excited me today because not only do I love to treat myself (who doesn't...!) I love it even more when it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I found a fantastic recipe for 'Home-made Body Scrub' over at Inspirations by D and can't wait to try it out. Brown sugar, almond oil and vanilla, YUM, whats not to love about this delicious body treat?

5. The BF
This gorgeous man makes me feel wonderful every day. He can make me laugh with just one look, treats me to hot chocolates in bed, surprises me with flowers at work (and they were BEAUTIFUL), knows what to say when I am feeling blue, and doesn't give in to my whining when I'm looking for sympathy!(Somehow that always snaps me back to reality and I stop whining pretty quickly, surely a good thing?!)
And I think he is mega cute.

Are YOU having a Wonderful Wednesday? What is making it so great? Do you have exciting weekend plans?
Half way through the week now, I hope the second half of your week goes swimmingly...x


  1. lovely pics.xx

  2. great post! Yes it's the coarse brown sugar, but you may use any sugars you like, depending on your preference. Enjoy the rest of your week! Love that cake up there yum!

  3. Hi! Cute cute blog! I am on a road trip right now and loving it! Fun times! And they are much cheaper than most trips...especially when you can visit family...and stay for free like we're doing! Saw you on blog frog and I'm following you now!! Blessings! ~Kimberly

  4. I am your newest blog follower...found your sight through blogfrog...please visit me at ...excited to read more about you and your life's experiences!

  5. aw this is such a great post !

    glad yu and the BF are so happy <3


  6. Great Blog likee ur POST


  7. Hey,
    great photos,great blog :)
    i'll follow you :D

    xoxo Marlene

  8. Hey lady, Thank you so much for following my blog, I've just found the time to check your lovely blog out and join your followers too! This is a lovely post, that cake is making me hungry though, so close to lunchtime.

    It's also great to find a fellow UK blogger! xxx

  9. the cutest blog post I have come across in a while. It is such a heart filling post, and really did make me smile :)

  10. Aahh! that cake looks so delicious. I would eat some of that for breakfast! yum. and you and the BF are sooo cute:)


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