Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday Food Day!

What a fantastic day to start my new blog, my favourite day of the week! Friday's are always great, even if you have to work, every hour that ticks by, is an hour closer to two days of freedom, filled with gym classes, cooking, sleeping and eating. Pure bliss.

My weekend starts as soon as I leave my office, off to the supermarket to buy essential groceries, and straight home to my lovely boyfriend Joe, to start preparing dinner. Everytime I cook I get excited, it doesn't matter if its something I have cooked 100 times, or if its a brand new recipe I have never tried, I love it, and tonight is no exception.

Pad Thai with Tiger Prawns. My mouth is watering a little just thinking about it. I haven't used this particular recipe before and although there seem to be quite a few ingredients, it looks straight forward, which is definitely a good thing at the end of a busy week.

I love to cook with Joe, and I think he loves it too?! I find it a great way to spend time together, and we are both usually pretty relaxed in the kitchen. (We have had our moments, but nothing too bad to put us off!). Joe is great at experimenting and is perfectly happy to get stuck in with a few key ingredients and see what comes out (most of the time, delicious!) where as I am much more about following recipes, and only when I know a dish pretty well, will I venture into the realm of adding extras or using substitutes. I guess our kitchen differences balance each other out, I know for certain that he makes me much more relaxed when it comes to experimenting.

So my Friday evening is set, fingers crossed dinner is delicious, I will let you know how it goes =)
Happy Friday, and I hope you have fantastic weekends!  x

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  1. Hi!

    Just saw that I had a new follower so I thought I would come and find out who it was! Your blog sounds great!! Along similar lines as mine... healthy eating.. fitness... you'll have a blast! Although I have to admit, sticking strictly to healthy eating can be tough. I've had my days where I've strayed haha.

    Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    - CurlyJ


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