Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I have a bowl of hot buttery popcorn, a steaming mug of sweet coffee, candles lit and peace and quiet. I'm settling in for a good few hours of studying.
Bring it on essay!

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From me, with love. x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

With Love From the Bottom of the World

So it has been a long, long time....
Over 4 months.

BUT, I am back. All be it blogging from the opposite end of the earth, but back none the less and bringing news of life and adventures from down here in little old New Zealand.
That's right folks, Joe and I have made it across to the other side of the world and are throwing ourselves into our new lives over here with enthusiasm.

Don't you want to hear all about it?! Becasue serisouly, I could write pages on this move.
Maybe I should just keep it short and sweet for the moment and fill you in little bits at the time. Deal.

So, leaving was sad. Sad, sad, sad. So many tears I tell ya! But I guess that was to be expected. Arrived in Wellington around midday, and totally crashed from exhaustion. Slept like two little babies.
Got to see my parents the next day though! They came over from Nelson for the weekend and we played tourist for a couple of days and ate out ALOT.

D-rock, Me, Mumma @ Lyall Bay
 We also went to Nelson for a weekend to see the rest of the fam before getting stuck right into flat hunting in our new home city.
Well, we found our wee home within a week and are totally in LOVE with it. It is so cute and right between University and the city (5minute walk to each). We have an amaaaazing view of the harbour from our bedroom and a beautiful park right out our front door. It is honestly perfect. It isn't very big but I like to think it is just the right size for the two of us.

Wellington Harbour
I'd also like to point out that the above photo was taken mid-winter...! I like to tell everyone that Wellington is like that all year round but anyone who has been here would see straight through that one. In fact, a week after that photo was taken, we had snow. And in the between days, it was so windy I worried we might get blown off the hill. Oh the weather we get here! Keeps it interesting though right?!

So as you can see, all is well and we are settling in nicely. There is so much more to tell, especially about University, work, and my favourite place to buy fish! But I will save those for another day (maybe even tomorrow?!).

Must get back to my assignment that is due on Monday and start cooking dinner for Joe (he is busy at work today). Pad Thai with tofu tonight, will let you know how it goes.

I will leave you with my favourite tune of the moment, take a listen, it is so catchy!

From me, with love. x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Today I wish I could just curl up like this...

Hayfever has hit hard - welcome runny nose, weepy eyes. 
Work is crazy busy.
I am just so very very tired.

Oh and we still have no internet at home - hence lack of posts. Bummer.
Hope you'r not missing me too much? I miss you!
Don't worry, I will be back as soon as possible.

From me, with love. x
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