Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Today I wish I could just curl up like this...

Hayfever has hit hard - welcome runny nose, weepy eyes. 
Work is crazy busy.
I am just so very very tired.

Oh and we still have no internet at home - hence lack of posts. Bummer.
Hope you'r not missing me too much? I miss you!
Don't worry, I will be back as soon as possible.

From me, with love. x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Yippee Yippee Hooray

It's the weekend and a beautiful, beautiful day!
I am computer-less all weekend and was not organised enough to sort out timed posts so you will have to wait patiently for me to post again next week! I will then tell you all about the dinner party I threw, my bbq for 2 and what happened on a girly night in.
Hope you all have FABULOUS weekend.

From me, with love. x

Thursday, 7 April 2011

So You Sew?

Let me be honest, I really am not the most crafty of people. I love the idea of it and even though my Mumma is craftess extrondonaire, none of her sweet talent seemed to get passed to me. Or at least I haven't discovered it yet.
Since becoming addicted to reading blogs I have come across so many amazingly talented people who can whip up a dress here, alter a funky old tee to make it cute, make gorgeous headbands and purses, re-cover sofa's and cushions, paint stunning pictures and honestly I am in awe! I am so inspired by all you creative people out there and I am determined to discover my creative side too!
So, exciting news - over the last couple of months my thoughts have been preoccupied by sewing. Everytime I see something gorgeous in a shop, I wonder how I would go about making it, and I am super amped to get started. I even found this cute little 'teach yourself to sew book'! I discovered it here...

Sweet or what?! So my plan is to buy a sewing machine as soon as I get to NZ and get learning.

But tell you have any good sewing tips? How did you learn? Do you know of any good references (books/websites/people!). I would love to know how you got into sewing! I am so excited, and hopefully soon I will be able to share with you some of my very own creations.

From me, with love. x

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday Loves

1. Glee

Seriously, how had I not seen an episode until last month? I have to say I am totally hooked now, I just can't get enough of it. Is that sad? A little? Nevermind...

2. Travel Mug

This Save Our Animal Planet travel mug from ModCloth (again, only recently discovered this site!) is totally adorable. I love it and wish I drank more coffee to justify buying. Wouldn't it just brighten your morning drinking from this bad boy? And if you regularly get take-away coffee, this is a fantastic way to do your bit for the environment.

3. Spring

I love it that Spring is starting to show, although today is grey, windy and cold. I am really looking forward to wearing sweet summer dresses and being able to lounge about in the sun a little. 

4. Teepees

Seeing as Spring isn't quite here and it still can be a little miserable outside, I would be perfectly happy to curl up in a little hideaway like this for a few hours.

5. Cooking

I'm really making the most of cooking just for Joe and I at the moment and am totally loving it. I get a little obsessed with planning meals and can spend hours browsing recipe books and searching for ideas on the internet. I find cooking a great way to de-stress and there is nothing more satisfying than taking a handful of ingredients and turning them into something delicious. On our menu this week we have a great combination of vegetarian and meaty (although we are trying to cut down our meat intake), and we are hosting a dinner party for some friends on Thursday night!

From me, with love. x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Breakfast Fit For A Queen

One of the things I wanted to do while the house was a little emptier was make some knock-out breakfasts. I love cereal, but if I could, I would have some sort of cooked every morning. Mmmmm.
My favourite of all breakfasts is Eggs Benedict and I am always on the lookout for restaurants who have it on their menu. While I love eating brekkie out (so totally indulgent and decadent!) I also love to cook and I have always been pretty keen to try my hand at making my own Eggs Benedict but the one thing that put me off, was making the hollandaise sauce which I've always been told is pretty difficult. So I figured that an empty house was probably the safest and calmest place I could attempt it.
With Joe on standby ready to poach the eggs and butter the muffins I looked up a recipe and got my ingredients together.
And I totally nailed it! No big deal.
I used this Delia Smith recipe for Hollandaise Sauce, toasted a couple of breakfast muffins, grilled some bacon and Joe poached the eggs. Oh and I completely forgot to take any photos, guess I'll just have to make it again next weekend, pity.

Apart from an impressive breakfast, my Saturday is going to be pretty quiet I think. Joe is feeling a little worse for wear after a few drinks with workmates last night and the weather is pretty grey, so we are going to snuggle up on the sofa and watch some football.
Oh and tonight, we are going to attempt this amazing looking Antonio Carluccio Bolognese. Fingers crossed we get some photo's this time!
Hope you are all having wonderful Saturdays.

From me, with love. x

Friday, 1 April 2011

An Indoor Picnic

The first evening of our 'holiday' was perfect.
A picnic of tapas for dinner with red wine and music. We ate olives, smoked salmon pate, crusty bread, cheese and a simple salad. Totally delicious. Joe thought it would have been even more perfect if we were sitting outside on a balcony, over looking a beautiful city, with a warm summers breeze blowing. I have to say, I couldn't agree more.
Here's to picnic dinners inside and out.

From me, with love. x
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