Thursday, 4 November 2010

Something important to keep in mind...

Hello again! This will be my last post as I believe the next time I see the daylight my beautiful sister's vacation will be over and she will once again be in the land of internet communication. I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone of something that we all already know, but something that we all tend to forget from time to time.

Life is BEAUTIFUL. I have had an incredible day; a day full of moments bursting with promise and magic. Nothing particularly life changing happened- the morning was drizzly and grey and I had to get up early. BUT i started the day in fantastic company, and followed my wakeup with a lovely walk through the botanic gardens, a delicious cup of tea and a few hours solid study. I completed all the work I had set myself for the day (early!), and rewarded my efforts by having a brief nap in the sun, which had appeared just as I was finishing. I spent the afternoon outside enjoying the early taste of summer and drinking champagne (I was celebrating the day!)...I also received a surprise parcel, anonymous, and filled to the brim with all my favourite things. I managed to work out who it was from, and was promptly reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by incredible people who make my life colourful every day. I am now about to get a bit dressed up to meet a friend for drinks followed by some live music at the pub in town...the evening is beautiful; balmy, still, smelling like the promise of a holiday fast approaching...

So. Sometimes it isn't the momentous occasions that serve to remind us of life- there are small moments in every day that happen specifically so that we are able to see the beauty of the world, the kindness of people and the joy in ourselves- we need only to open our eyes.

Happy weekend (it's pretty much here)! from New Zealand :)  
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