Wednesday, 1 September 2010


It's taken me a little while to respond to Curly J's tag on Running From Cupcakes, as my weekend was full on and tonight is really the first moment of free time I have had since last Wednesday! I am definitely not complaining, I have had a great few days, but I hope you can forgive me for being a little slack.

The idea of this tag is to answer some fun questions and in turn ask your fellow bloggers the questions too....Check out my answers to the questions Curly J asked me.....

1. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
I am all about the dark choccy! The darker the better, I just love that slightly bitter taste combined with the sweetness. My favourite at the moment is by Green & Blacks and a block usually lasts me quite a while as I can only manage a few pieces at a time. The BF is rather partial to a bit of white chocolate so sometimes I will treat him (and me!) to a block to share.

2. What's your favourite colour?
I don't really think I have a favourite colour, there are loads I love but all for different things...
To wear - I love grey, navy blue, and black.
Cheers me up - YELLOW
Girly indulgence - Pink. I don't wear a lot of pink but I do love pink accessories, like nail polish, purses, lipstick, shoes, key rings. A hint of pink always makes me feel gorgeous.

3. Do you have any creative hobbies?
I like to dance in my kitchen, bake delicious cakes, scrapbook memories, sing in the shower....

4. What was your favourite subject in school?
French without a doubt! I had a fantastic teacher for all 5 years I was learning, and a great group of friends to learn along side of. I went on some fantastic trips - one to Noumea in New Caledonia and one to Paris on an exchange, we ate pastries once a month in class and sometimes were treated to Chocolat Chaud if we were good! I spoke French as often as I could and even enjoyed entering regional French speaking competitions - now that is love!
I'm not sure what started my obsession with all things French but I've still got it and it just keeps getting stronger, I can't wait to pick it back up when I go to university, and am already browsing French books for potential reading material.

5. What is your favourite season and why?
I love the inbetween seasons because they start the big season build up.
I love Autumn as Im usually tired of the heat of summer and look forward to wrapping up warm in coats and scarves. I love the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet as I walk to work and the changing colours - so many beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. Autumn has begun here, and I am pretty excited!
I love Spring because of all the new beginnings. Baby birds, lambs, daffidols, cherry blossom, the evenings getting warmer and longer and lazy afternoons in the park.

In saying that, I also love Summer and Winter.Summer brings family trips to 'The Lake' and Winter means snow on the mountains and weekend ski-trips. As you can see, I'm pretty happy no matter what the season!

6. Who inspires you to sing like crazy when no one is around?
Fat Freddys Drop - My all time favourite band.
A fantastic New Zealand group - soul, reggae, ska, 'roots'. You really have to hear it to believe it. BF and I always sing our hearts out when listening to their music. We are lucky enought to be seeing them in Bristol next month and I am so excited! I plan on being at the front, next to the stage and will dance my socks off and sing all night long.

7. What is your favourite dessert? Can you make it?
Creme Brulee and I haven't tried to make it but I will! My beautiful Mumma makes a delicious one and I bought her a kitchen blow torch recently so that she can get the perfect golden top without using the grill! (To be fair, hers were still fantastic even before the fancy torch!)

8. How did you learn to cook?
All thanks to my wonderful Mumma! She truly is a kitchen goddess. My childhood was filled with cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownie, puddings and desserts, not to mention stunning home cooked meals that were delicious and nutritious. I was thoroughly spoiled.
When the BF and I spent 3 months in NZ between Dec - Mar this year we both threw our healthy eating plans out the window and succumbed to diets of sweet and savoury treats. The BF (who is 5ft 11 with a very sporty, fit body), claims that if he had grown up in my home he would be the size of a daddy whale.
It is all thanks to her that I have such a love of cooking and we frequently swap recipes and tips over the phone and email.

Now to tag some of my favourite bloggers in the hope that they too will give us a little insight into their fave choccy/subjects/colour.

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Love Me. x


  1. I've just found your blog & become a follower :)
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  4. mmm chocolate! and creme brulee!!! ahhh you're making me so hungry.

  5. Oh, wow! Imagine my surprise when I go through reading your blog entry here and then finding you linked my blog on it! :o) Thank you! That's so sweet. I also am a fan of creme brulee and no, I've never made it either. I also am trying to be a mom that spoils the kiddos with good food, too. Or at least, I am hoping they remember good food when they remember me! LOL I bet your mom really appreciates your appreciation for her culinary skills.

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