About Me

I am passionite. I love to LAUGH. 
A good book by a roaring fire is my ideal Sunday evening, especially if there is hot chocolate involved. 
I eat, and eat and eat and eat, and cook, mainly savoury, and sometimes sweet. 
I wear my heart on my sleeve and you can often find me sobbing hysterically infront of a film, or just because I need a good cry. 
Likewise, you will see me literally jump in excitement about everything and anything. 
Dancing in the kitchen is guaranteed to make me smile. 
Fitness is my addiction, I love to feel my heart race and body ache not to mention the competition. 
And travel, another addiction, I dream of trips to amazing places, tasting fantastic food and meeting extraordinary people,
I just love to live.

Throughout my blog, you are sure to see references to my daily life, and so that you have a little background information, here's the scoop!
I have recently moved back to New Zealand with my fantastic boyfriend Joe, after enjoying 4 years of travelling and exploring Europe. This new chapter of my life see's me spend A LOT of time at University where I am currently studying and will be for the next 5 years of my life. While that sounds kind of daunting.... I am super excited about it!
I love being back in NZ and am keen to start exploring and re-discovering this beautiful country. Although I have to admit I have itchy feet already and am already starting to plan small travel getaways to sustain this travel addiction of mine.

So now you know the basics, please feel free to drop me a line. Have a fantastic day!

Wellington, New Zealand. Mar 2010.
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