Saturday, 25 September 2010

Tears on a Saturday

I just found this gorgeous video over at A Cup of Jo and it sure did make the tears flow.
This video is the beautiful story of Danny and Annie's 27 year romance, from their first date, until Danny's last days and is a must see.
Completely uplifiting and yet totally heat-wrenching at the same time.

With Love from Me. x


  1. Yep! Totally uplifting and completely heart-wrenching at the same time... definitely made me cry!!!

  2. mmmmm. beautiful and heart-breaking. i adore story-corps and what they're doing.

  3. I love the story and the way its been done thru cartoon, but i got sad at the last part though.

  4. Oh gosh! That was beautiful. And I'm all sopping-wet with tears.
    Thank you.
    Sometimes you just need a good cry.

  5. i didn't even think about tailgating being an american thing! tailgating is just when people park their cars outside events (concerts, games, whatever) and bring drinks and games and things and hang out in the parking lot for a few hours before the event. it's basically one giant pre-party, but it happens most often with american football games--that's why everyone's bringing it up right now :)

    hope you're having a good start to the week! xo

  6. that's for stumbling across my blog!
    i'm so excited that you did because i have been enjoying reading your blog as well!

    i hope you are having a lovely day full of joy!

  7. I saw this video a couple of weeks ago and I balled!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I love learning about new blogs!


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