Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Weekend for Me

This weekend just been, the BF was out of town on a boys weekend - in Amsterdam... (Yikes!)
..and I knew the only way I was going to get through the 4 days without going mad with worry was to keep busy busy busy and enjoy my free time by doing lots of lovely girly things.

(Note: Even though I trust the BF with my whole entire being, and even though Amsterdam is really a beautiful city, it is also a pretty seedy boys weekend destination...hence the slight worry. Oh and did I mention that they drove there, in blizzards?! Another thing to worry about. And for some reason I was nervous he would fall into a semi-frozen canal. More worry! Hmmm, I sound like a total paranoid worrier, I'm really not. Well, I didn't think I was!Luckily all went well, and he is back safe and sound, although very very tired.)

SO. My weekend. Filled with girly things...

It started after work on Friday, the BF's sister and I went to a gorgeous 'Modern Middle Eastern' restaurant and drank my new favourite drink (vodka + ginger beer), and ate huge amounts of delicious treats from their Mezze menu. The restaurant is call Brosh, and can be found tucked down a quiet little street, in a quiet part of town, and hides behind an unassuming facade, but inside it is beautiful. Simple, elegant, romantic. Subtle hints of the Middle East, through art-work, and light fittings, remind you of the culture you are exploring, but without taking too much attention away from amazing quality of the food or the friendliness of the staff, it all comes together perfectly. I tried Babaganush, Shakshuka, Malawach, and numerous other divine nibbles (think hummus, sourdough bread, olives, pickled chillies and falafel). I am so hooked, and can't wait to go again!

Saturday was spent Christmas shopping, eating huge amounts of food, and watching the new Harry Potter film! I used to be such a Harry Potter book nerd, and have watched all the films, but usually am a teensy bit disappointed (lets face it, there aren't many films that are better than the books!). HOWEVER, I totally and absolutely, 200% LOVED the 7th film. I thought it was fantastic! Perhaps it's because I haven't read that particular Harry Potter book in such a long time, I couldn't tell which bits had been missed out or changed, who knows, but whatever it was, I am literally bursting with anticipation over HP 7 Part Two. Oh I can't wait until it comes out! 

Have you seen the latest HP? What were your thoughts?

I finished my Saturday night off with a hot, candle lit bubble bath (bliss) and then curled up in bed and started my new book 'These Is My Words' - by Nancy E Turner (which I am loving by the way!). Lovely ending to a lovely day.
Sunday was a lazy lazy day. I think I stayed in bed until about 1pm...And only got up then because I was worried if I didn't, bedtime would roll around and I would still be tucked up from the night before! So I made myself get up, and went for a little bike ride on my GORGEUS NEW BIKE! It arrived last Monday but due to all the snow and ice this last week, I've only been able to ride it a couple of times - I'm still a little nervy when it comes to bikes + icy roads + cars. My bike ride on Sunday was lovely, I didn't go out for long, maybe 30 mins or so, but I filled up on fresh air, and came back feeling like I had balanced out my day quite nicely.
So....you wanna see this super hot, sexy new bike of mine....

Pashley Paramount - Colour: Crystal Sea Blue
Isn't she beautiful?! I think so... And my wonderful Mumma is on the hunt for a gorgeous wicker basket that I can put on the front. Eeeep! Hello summer time picnics and bike rides up the river.

As you can tell, I did pretty well at keeping busy, and actually, hardly worried at all. And now the BF is back (bringing with him gifts of chocolate, cheese, and alcohol!) and I am planning a dinner date with him to Brosh (I have to share this place with everyone), my lovely girly weekend may be over, but the next one will be full to the brim with Christmas parties, the last bits of Christmas shopping, hopefully some more bike rides, and spending lots of time with the BF, friends, and family.

Oh how I love the holiday season! x


  1. I love trying out new restaurants. Coolness for the new bike. And wasn't it nice to have the BF leave and come back with presents. Maybe he should leave more frequently for more presents :)

  2. Brosh looks and sounds completely deightful. Now I really crave lemony hummus. Your bicycle is... fabulous. It reminds me of pretty paintings. Just saying :)
    We have an "Amsterdam equivelent" about three hours drive, south from where I live where the mary-jiggy-wa-wa is not /legal/ but readily available, y'know.

    I haven't been but it seems kind of seedy. But oh-so-pretty with beaches and trees and free love and happiness.

    (sorry for the blog-entry-length comment!)


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