Monday, 20 December 2010

I'm Dreaming of a HOT Christmas

Okay, so call me crazy (and I'm sure you all will!) but I am longing for a hot sunny New Zealand style Christmas. I am sure its more to do with family being in NZ and not so much the weather, but cold, grey and dark are not 3 words I usually associate with the festive season.

Christmas for me is...
Carols by candle light on the church steps (and having to wait until it gets dark - 9pm ish)
Nibbles outside on Christmas eve, usually with a Pimms in hand
A trip to the beach/river/swimming pool on Christmas afternoon to burn some energy (and make room for dinner!)
Having to wait until evening before Christmas dinner as no one wants to eat when it is so hot
Lounging about in the sun, reading and playing with our new toys
BBQ's on boxing day
Pavlova's covered in fresh summer berries

Christmas in NZ looks like...

I love Christmas and all of my family traditions, I miss them so much right now, but I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful second family in England who make me feel so at home. Nothing beats being with your own family on Christmas, but I know this year I will still have a wonderful family filled day even if it is on the wrong side of the world.

Oh and I have to say, I am enjoying all of the snow....a white Christmas would be fantastic!


  1. we do have lots of snow!!! it's fabulous. i'm not used to snow {and from the looks of it you aren't either}. i just need to invest in some warmer boots because apparently there's a tiny leak that comes through and really gets in the way of my snow-playing time. :) are you loving it as much as i am?


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