Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Tummy Filled with Butterflies

Delicious chocolates and wine sent to clients? Check.
Staff hampers filled with beautiful local products and handed out? Check.
Fabulous Christmas party thrown where everyone sipped on fantastic cocktails? Check.
Secret Santa gifts swapped between colleagues? Check.
A raffle of cheeses, chocolates, champagne and sweeties organised? Check.


Okay, so I keep getting insane butterflies in my tummy but I still have 3hours until I can really get excited, and also start relaxing, as that's when I am officialy on HOLIDAY! Yippee!
So I am sitting here, (being as productive as I can when there is Christmas cheer zooming around the office, and mountains of snow outside) and waiting patiently for my holiday to start.
I have a hot creamy cup of coffee on the go, and am wishing everyone a
as they pass me by, humming Christmas carols to my self, and making last minute Christmas prezzie lists.

I am pretty much all sorted, just an extra couple of things for the BF's Daddy-o, and the BF's Sisters BF (wow, that's a moutful!), and I am going to brave the icy streets and late night shopping this evening to get it all sorted.
Then, because I organised such a rad Christmas party for the office (how modest am I?), the restaurant owner is treating the BF and I to a meal and drinks, as a 'Thank You' for booking our party with them. Brilliant right?!
Did I mention it is my favourite restaurant in town?
Hello scrummy Thai curry (or maybe sushi - I can't decide) and delightful cocktails. Yum Yum.

What a perfect Christmas Eve, eve.


  1. sounds like it has all been wonderful so far, with even more awesomeness to come! Merry Christmas lovely!
    I am doing to exact same thing right more hour until I'm on holidays!

  2. i like your hair! i've been too nervous to snip mine lately..!

  3. You are making me miss Christmas time!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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