Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Now I'm Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas

I clearly can't make up my mind about what I want this Christmas. 
Sun? Snow? Sandcastles? Snowmen?
 After this rather bizzare unexpected dump of snow (unexpected for December), I've started getting my hopes up that there might be snow this Christmas. 
How cool would that be?
I figure that if I can't be home in the sun with my family, then sledging and snowman building on Christmas day would be an acceptable compromise.
We had so much fun playing in it on the weekend that I have my fingers crossed as tightly as can be in the hope that it will just keep on snowing for a little bit longer, and then hopefully stay cold enough that the snow wont melt! (I really don't fancy slush for Christmas....)

A few snowy pics from around the neighbourhood on the weekend. Isn't the last tree gorgeous? It looks even more magical at night (I will try and get a piccy for you).
I love going for walks in the snow, especially with the BF. I love how quiet it is, and the sound of snow underfoot. 
And somehow it always feels really romantic, even if we are just popping to the shops for some milk. 
I love how cute it is to hold hands while they are wrapped up in mittens. 

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  1. does this mean i get to see much more pics from you this xmas :D


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