Friday, 29 October 2010

You may now start writing...Good luck.

...And so it begins. Today was my first exam. A relatively late start, a lot of people finished already; bags packed, backs turned and heading triumphantly off into the sunset, following the glorious promise of three months summer holiday. For the past two weeks (since classes finished) I have been lazying about in the sunshine, eating icecream, cooking a variety of delicious foods, staying up late watching movies, talking...more or less forgetting it was exam time at all. Don't get me wrong, I punctuated my leisure time with short bouts of readings that I had neglected to do during the term time, but mostly only because the boy was round studying for law exams (much more scary and intimidating than the Maori society/language papers I was preparing for) and I had to find a way to occupy my time so I didn't become an irritating distraction.

I was hoping that after my first exam things would start to feel serious and I would be in the mode of studying...alas! This evening I am off to enjoy some champagne and live music, and tomorrow night I am going to a 21st to boogy in the balmy evening. carpe diem!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. That's the best way to do it though. I find that if I study too much and start to stress then I never do well, but I chill out and rock up to exams hungover I tend to do well... At least that's what I tell myself :p
    Glad to see you're making the most of days off :)

  2. Haha I am exactly like this, I have one exam right at the end of the three week exam period. I doubt I will start studying until right before the exam and instead will spend the three weeks practicing for the summer holidays :-)

  3. ahh school seems to be the only thing in my life right now. hope u did well on ur exam!


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