Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Weekend

So. That cold. That one that I was going to take in my stride. That one I was going to use as a reason for some me time. That one that appeared out of no where.

Boy did it get me good!

And I wasn't strong, calm, and elegant in the face of it. Nope, not at all. I was a grisly mess. I demanded attention, ordered hot lemon and honeys left right and centre, expected my tissues to be topped up at all times....what a nightmare.

After feeling pretty rotten on Wednesday evening, things quickly got worse. No sleep on Wednesday night meant a tired, grumpy, snotty start to Thursday morning, and by Thursday lunch time, my nose was a continuous stream, my head throbbed, and work sent me home!
I took Friday off and due to a lot of lounging about, watching Sex and the City and getting a manicure/pedicure from the BF's wonderful sister by Saturday morning I was feeling much better. Oh apart from the HUGE coldsore that appeared sometime between Friday 10pm and Saturday 8am. (It really hasn't been my week...)

Luckily, I am on the mend and now only have to blow my nose once an hour, and have had a lovely, relaxed weekend which consisted of....

  • Booking flights to NZ!
  • Coffee at THIS gorgeous cafe on Saturday morning
  • Watching the new Alice in Wonderland (seen it? what are your thoughts?)
  • Sushi and cocktails at my FAVOURITE restaurant, D-Fly
  • Winning Trivial Pursuit
  • Hot Chocolate and Salmon Bagel at Moka for lunch on Sunday
  • Buying SCRABBLE and playing all afternoon

I'm so pleased I'm feeling better and this cold didn't hang about, because although it was just a cold, I really felt miserable with it! Fingers crossed my coldsore will be gone soon too, and then I will be right as rain.

Busy week ahead, starting with a netball game with a new team tomorrow night - hope it goes well.
Off to have some home-made Mississippi Mud Pie for pudding, yum yum!

Hope you have all had wonderful weekends and haven't been dealt Autumn lurgies!

What did you get up to? x


  1. Oh I am the same when I have a cold, I try to be strong but I usually end up being the patient from hell. Glad your feeling better!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better, it sounds like a lovely weekend! xoxo

  3. hello!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, i am so glad you like it :)

    lol it is your right to be a little bit of a nightmare when you have a cold, plus everyone knows that honey and lemon you make yourself just doesn't have the same effect :) i am glad you are better and that you had what sounds like a pretty fun weekend!

    hope you stop by the pretty place again :)

    b x.

  4. Glad you're beginning to feel better - it's almost the other side of the week now and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we're off for a very, very mini-break (overnight) to the beach. It's a little late in the season but I'm looking forward to some beach walks and yummy food.

  5. I have been so run-down for so long (hence why I live in front of my computer) that I don't understand why I'm not offically unwell.

    Either way, I get to spend a million hours a day in front of the 'ol screen on ebay, facebook and blogger...

    As for the 2009 Alice in Wonderland, I don't really like it... I adore the book and the Nick Willing 1999 film, though.

    Why do you hate bananas? Is it the smell? Or the peel.


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