Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Just a Little Crush...

I am completely hooked on these delicious smoothies. I am a little hopeless when it comes to eating fruit so smoothies are a great option for me and not only do THESE smoothies provide 2 portions of your fruit needs for the day, they also contain no additives what-so-ever. That's right, these delicious drinks are made of all natural ingredients!
Here are a few things that the Innocent team believe in.....

  • Keeping things 100% natural
  • Using sustainable ingredients, sustainable packaging AND sustainable production methods
  • Sharing the profits - 10% of their profits each year go to charity!

What's not to love?! My peaches and raspberries Peace One Day smoothie had the following delightful ingredients.....

 If you haven't tried these already, go and do it! Super delicious and healthy! YUM!


  1. Oh yum this sounds delicious!! I'll have to try them! Cute blog, by the way!

  2. I sometimes buy them, as a little special treat for myself when I´m on the road, but as we are a family of six, they are pretty expensive.

    But in those last weeks, I became a mad smoothie mixer. My family has at least one fresh made smothie a day.

    All you need is a blender - throw in whatever you like. My current favourites are:
    -mango, banana, yoghurt, honey, fresh orange juise and oatmeal
    -kiwi, apple, yoghurt, honey, soda, and, if you like it special, fresh peppermint leaves.

    But really, you can throw in just any fruit/dairy product combination, sweeten it a little, and it will taste so much fresher than the store bought ones :)

  3. That really sounds delicious :) Thank you so much for your kind words! I just became a follower.

  4. I haven't seen those smoothies around, but I'm going to keep an eye for them 'cause they sound very cute.

  5. I'm seriously addicted to smoothies! haha, such a delicious way to be healthy :) I love your adorable posts!

  6. Hum. Don't think we can get these in NZ, but hey, the free badges are cool! They look yummy too. So you're a kiwi, but over in the UK?? :D

  7. i loved these when i was in the UK!! don't think we have them here in Aus though :(

    nice blog, i'm following :) check out mine if youd like!!

  8. i want to find one of these and try it! i love the branding on them they're so cute!! and they sound tasty!

  9. What's the countdown 'til you return now? Where abouts in NZ are you from? :)

    Kerosene Creek is just out of Rotorua, on the way to Lake Tarawera. You take the turnoff to Old Waiotapu Road, and then it's down a gravel path (which I think is unnamed- I'm not sure) but I've found some directions here: - it's listed in the Lonely Planet Guidebook, so you're likely to encounter other people around but it wasn't that busy when we went. Only a few other people.

    The other non-commercial hot pools that aren't listed in Lonely Planet is Hot n Cold- it's Off Waiotapu Road and just past the entrance to the Thermal Wonderland.

  10. i love these things! they make me feel so healthy :) have you tried the veg pots? they are yum!



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